4 Benefits of Using a Commercial Franchised Cleaning Company

There are three main types of office cleaners: one that hires employees (usually at or around the minimum wage) and another that uses franchise companies. The third option is using a member of staff to do the cleaning. Using a franchised commercial cleaning company offers more benefits than using a regular cleaning company or staff member; this article examines why, and looks at some of the benefits of hiring a franchised cleaning company for your workspace.

Motivation for Top Performance

Franchised cleaning companies have an owner (or owners) who directly benefit from providing a great cleaning service. In the vast majority of cases, the owner of the franchise has invested their own time, effort, and money to ensure that their business is a success. This provides a superb motivation for them to provide you with a first class service.

Conversely, a company who employs individuals to do the cleaning may result in the employees of that company doing the bare minimum to get the job done, as they receive no direct benefit from a successful company.

Lower Costs

If you use an employee to do the office cleaning, you will be required to purchase all the relevant cleaning equipment, such as vacuums and cleaning products. Hiring a franchised cleaning company relieves you of the cost of these items, as the cleaning company will have their own equipment.

Sometimes, cleaning products are a matter of health and safety, and when using an employee, you will have to train them to safely use the equipment. A franchised cleaning company trains all of their staff, allowing you more time to do your work.

Updated Equipment

Franchised cleaning companies will keep abreast of any new cleaning techniques or equipment, allowing them to achieve a very high standard of cleanliness. They will also invest their own money in any new products or equipment that will allow them to perform their work more efficiently. This results in a better cleaning service. A company that uses a member of staff may use the same equipment for years, meaning that the office is not as clean as it could be.

More Flexibility

If you don't use a franchised cleaning company, but have more cleaning to do (perhaps if your business is growing, or you have moved to new offices) then it can mean that you either need to use more employees to do the cleaning, or that the cleaning workload of an employee is increased. When using a franchised company in this situation, it is easy to increase the amount of cleaning required; a quick chat with the owner can do this, as they will make all the necessary arrangements on your behalf.

Outsourcing office cleaning duties is a strategic move for your business, and can have very positive results.