Top Six Tips with Handling Commercial Cleaning Supplies Safely

Commercial cleaning supplies should be handled with extreme care just like other kinds of cleaning supplies should be handled with a lot of protection as well. Conventional chemicals and chemicals that are green can be safe but accidents can still happen. Below is more information on the top six tips that you need to know in order to safely handle the chemicals.

Tip One:

There should be what is known as a safety data sheet for every chemical available; this is also known as a material safety data sheets.

Tip Two:

There should always be a complete list of chemicals available including the amounts of them altogether and how many containers that there are of each. It should also be noted where they are kept at as well as mention hazards that there are to them and how to prevent them and take care of them.

Tip Three:

All of the chemicals should be kept in their original containers; you should never mix chemicals together even if they are the same kind of chemical.

Tip Four:

Whatever chemicals you may have, they should all be stored in areas that are well-ventilated but away from the HVAC intake vents. Doing this helps the fumes from being spread on to other area.

Tip Five:

There should be safety signage in several different languages so everyone can read them; there should also be a paper expressing it all in pictures so the message and context can be comprehended as easily and as fast as possible. With the being said all of the precautions should meet the requirements that are outlined in the Globally Harmonized System, or GHS.

Tip Six:

Everyone who is involved with working with the chemical should know what they all are and what they all can do. They should also know the signal words: danger, warning and caution. Caution is that the product needs to be used carefully but it still kind of safe. Warning means that the product is only toxic moderately, and danger means that the product is very toxic which means that it could cause damage to the eyes and or skin, permanently.

It is also important to advise to not use chemicals that have not been used in a certain amount of time; such as chemicals that have not been used in six months or so should be considered to be unstable and should be disposed of instead of being used. 

A company that provides commercial cleaning supplies and services, like GreenKleen Australia, should be equipped to handle any issues that may arise while using such cleaning products.