4 Essential Commercial Cleaning Services

If you're a business owner who thinks that commercial cleaners are only effective at cleaning offices, think again. Commercial cleaning has broadened into an industry that services a number of different commercial establishments. So to take advantage of the services they offer, here are four examples of the types of services they can provide.

Strip and Seal -- A commercial cleaning service can offer you strip and seal, which is a process that involves stripping off old flooring, replacing the flooring with the same material or new material, then applying a sealant to protect the flooring from stains and wear-and-tear. Strip and seal is a service that is often done in factories and warehouses because those floors tend to degrade faster than floors in a restaurant or office, but it is applicable to any business that wants to upgrade its interior appearance. Commercial cleaners can strip and seal surfaces such as wood, tile, porcelain, vinyl, linoleum, concrete and granite.

Hydro Blasting -- Hydro blasting refers to a process in which a commercial cleaner directs powerful, high-pressure water at the exterior or interior walls of a commercial facility to remove stains, imperfections and discolouration. Hydro blasting is strong enough to strip off old paint, remove grease and oil and prepare the walls for painting and sealing. Hydro blasting is also used to deep clean floors inside or outside a business and is effective at getting rid of graffiti as well. Warehouses, factories and restaurants typically utilise hydro blasting to scour their walls and floors, and they also use it to polish parking lots and car parks.

Hazard Waste Disposal -- Some businesses, such as medical clinics, labs and food service companies, generate a lot of hazardous waste that needs to be transported to a designated facility for disposal. A number of commercial cleaners have personnel trained in the proper disposal of these wastes and can perform this task on your behalf. Hazard waste disposal is expensive because it requires workers who follow very specific procedures, which requires extensive training.

Landscaping -- Many commercial cleaners have also established landscaping divisions in which workers can set up an entirely new landscape design for the exterior of your business or maintain an existing landscape so that your business has a favourable appearance to passers-by. In addition to traditional landscaping such as mowing and trimming hedges and gardens, some commercial cleaners are equipped to install hydration systems to ensure that your lawn always looks green and healthy