5 Subtle Signs That Your Home Could Have Asbestos

Asbestos is a harmful building material that should be gotten rid of in all properties and living areas. However, that is easier said than done. During the prime of its use, asbestos was used in the making of virtually every construction piece known, from walls to insulation, and even roofing. For the ordinary person, therefore, it's good to have an idea of what indicators you can use to tell if your home is at a risk of having this harmful material.

Below, check out 5 general signs that indicate you should get an asbestos inspection:

Your property was built or renovated before the 90's

The use of asbestos was ceased in Australia in the 80's. However, it's not until the 90's that building using the material stopped entirely. As a result, properties built or renovated during the 90's or before could be at risk of having asbestos. Newer houses are quite safe from this risk as more stringent building codes were introduced after that.

There has been a history of cancers or breathing problems in the property

Asbestos is known to cause various medical problems. These include cancers and Asbestosis—a breathing complication, much like asthma. As a result, if there has been a history of people in your property (now or in the past) getting any of these medical conditions, it is a good idea to seek an inspection and rule out asbestos as the cause.

There are great insulation properties in the house

Asbestos was so widely used because it held superb insulation properties. This is why it was incorporated in the making of roofs, insulated panels, floors, ceiling tiles, HVAC systems and heater insulation, among other areas. If you suspect that your old property has abnormally high insulation qualities without any good reason why, there is a slight chance that asbestos could be responsible.

There has been no asbestos check done before buying or during ownership

One of the surest ways to rule out asbestos in any property is to get an inspection done by licensed inspectors. During an inspection, all the high-risk areas are physically checked and samples of any suspected asbestos material tested. If your old property has not been subjected to such an inspection since purchase, there is no clear way to establish if the material could be in your home or not.

You see signs of white fluffy material in building parts or insulation

Asbestos is a white woolly or fluffy material. Over time, due to dilapidation, wear or maintenance processes, homeowners do come across signs of asbestos in some of their properties. If you notice such a material in your insulation, roofing, flooring, attic or other part of your home, its best to seek an asbestos inspection team to check it out.

If your home is found to have asbestos, an asbestos removal team can arrive on site to extract all affected areas and sanitize the property.