2 Easy Ways To Reduce The Stress Of Household Tasks For Busy Working Parents

For busy families with both parents working full time, life can feel incredibly stressful. For many, it may feel as if there are simply not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done to keep the household running smoothly. Often, cleaning, housework, and laundry need to be completed at the end of a long and tiring day or on the weekend. This means less opportunity to relax and enjoy your leisure time, which compounds the stress levels of the household. If this sounds like your home, then take heart. Here are two simple, inexpensive, and effective ways to reduce the stress and the household workload in your home.

1. Use a mobile laundry service

Doing the laundry is a tiresome, seemingly endless, and completely necessary household cleaning task. If you don't keep on top of it, the dirty washing can mount up and it can be hard to catch up on the backlog when you're at work all day. Even if you manage to keep up with the washing side of things, it's not uncommon for entire spare rooms to be taken over by a mountain of clean washing that needs to be sorted, folded, and ironed.

The way to remove this eternal task from your to-do list is to employ the services of a mobile wash & fold laundry service. This type of service will pick up your dirty laundry on a day that suits you and then return it you the next day washed, folded, and ready to put straight into your wardrobe. Many laundry services will also iron your work clothes and school uniforms for you for a small extra fee.

2. Hire a domestic cleaner

Housework is another time-consuming but essential task. Fortunately, this is another set of chores that can be easily outsourced by hiring a domestic cleaner. For a small hourly rate, you can have an experienced and efficient cleaner come into your home and complete all the dirty jobs that you would otherwise be doing in your leisure time.

Some families opt for their cleaner to come for one long period each week, while others prefer shorter but more frequent services. The specific tasks you allocate for them to do can be a fixed arrangement or you can provide a list of jobs for them to do which may vary weekly depending on your needs. Most services will also offer a one-off or semi-regular deep clean or spring clean to ensure your home stays in tip-top shape.

Life is busy and it's even busier with both parents in full-time work. Reduce the stress and household workload in your home with these two simple ideas. Your evenings and weekends will be free to spend enjoying time with your loved ones, instead of slaving away around the house.