Five Signs You Need to Have Your Metal Wall or Equipment Sandblasted

If you have a metal wall or piece of equipment that needs to be cleaned, you have a few different industrial cleaning options, and the best option depends on many factors. Wondering if sandblasting is right for your situation? Here are a few signs it is:

1. You need to clean corroded metal.

Sandblasting is a type of industrial cleaning that directs a high-pressured spray of tiny abrasive pieces of sand at a surface. This works like ultra intense sand paper, and it can help to remove rust or other types of corrosion and reveal the metal beneath it.

2. You want to remove coatings or layers of paint.

Just as sandblasting can remove rusty bits of metal, it can also remove coatings and paint. If you have a sealant, a layer of paint or any other type of coating you want removed from a metal wall or a piece of equipment, sandblasting may be the most powerful and effective antidote.

3. The metal is in a salty or oily environment.

Even if the metal is not corroded yet, if it is full of salts or oils, you also may want to turn to sandblasting. The sand helps to separate a range of debris from the metal, and it can be more effective on metal than other industrial cleaning methods. As a result, if you have a factory that uses a lot of chemicals, is located in a seaside environment or has exposure to a lot of oils, you may want to learn more about sandblasting.

4. You can isolate the item you want blasted.

The pressure involved in sandblasting can cause bits of sand to fly off the item being cleaned and hit other objects. Professional cleaners have methods for effectively removing the sand when they are done, but you don't want sensitive items such as computer monitors, TV screens, certain types of motors and other items to be near the sand blaster. As a result, if you cannot isolate the item you want cleaned away from items you don't want blasted, you may want to explore other cleaning options.

5. You want to prepare the surface for coating or painting.

Because sandblasting is so effective at removing different types of coating from metal, it is also ideal to do before you paint a metal surface. If you want to restore something metal and make it a new colour or add protective coatings to it, sandblasting can help to reveal the metal and ensure it is fully clean so that your new paint or coating adheres faithfully.

Want to learn more about sandblasting or other industrial cleaning options? Contact an industrial cleaning company.